Raduga Grez Wooden Rolling Toy, Fox

Raduga Grez


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The wheelchair is the ideal first toy for advanced, creative, future-successful children.

It develops fine motor skills, coordination, gives the first ideas about the physics of objects, brings the kid confidence in his own strength - “I performed some action and the toy began to move”. All this, on the one hand, is very useful for development, and on the other hand, it does not overload, but rather soothes. Children playing with wheelchairs are usually calmer, more confident, and learn to play on their own faster.

Gurney Lisa is good for its tactility - thanks to the careful processing of linden, it has a “velvety” wooden texture. It is pleasant to hold it in your hands, it is convenient to roll it even for the smallest.

The fox is great for role-playing games, playing fairy tales and home plays - almost every children's story features a little fox-sister. By the way, it goes well with our sets of Dugi Gory and Russian Forest and with other "animal" gurneys.

Toy chips:
  • Hand made
  • Ethical production
  • Made from linden
  • Size 10 × 12 × 3 cm
  • Gently develops

      Made without lacquer, these handmade wooden toys have a velvety touch with natural knots.  See our full Raduga Grez selection here.

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