L'ovedbaby clothing is quite true to weight and is designed to be form-fitting and tailored to the body. Since cotton shrinks after the first machine wash/dry, we account for this shrinkage by cutting our clothing slightly longer than intended, so that they shrink down to the correct size.

Size Weight
Preemie-NB 4-7 lbs.
0-3 Months 7-12 lbs.
3-6 Months 12-16 lbs.
6-9 Months 16-19 lbs.
9-12 Months 19-22 lbs.
12-18 Months 22-25 lbs.
18-24 Months 25-28 lbs.

You may notice that some of the garments say 12-16 lbs. for sizes other than 3-6m as indicated on the size chart. Please rest assured that this is just a misprint. Unfortunately, L'ovedbaby had a huge production batch that all came in with 12 to 16 pounds listed regardless of the actual size of a garment. However, the garments are the correct size and are intended for the weights listed here.

• Newborn versus 0-3m:

L'ovedbaby newborn/preemie size is intended for 4 to 7 pound babies, and fits quite accurately. Our 0 to 3 months size is intended for 7-12 lbs. and while definitely longer and a little bit roomier than NB, still offers a nice tailored fit in the torso and arms.

That said, all of L'ovedbaby clothing is cut a little long to account for the shrinkage that will occur after first machine wash and dry since it is organic cotton with no synthetic blends. If you are looking for a form-fitting coming home outfit or newborn photos outfit, we recommend the newborn size, with the understanding that you might need to line dry it if you feel that it is going to be too small for your baby once machine washed/dried. Otherwise, if you have other children who were born bigger than 7 pounds, we would recommend going with size 0 to 3 months as it will last longer than the newborn size. It's really a preference as to what you are hoping to use it for (immediate for versus longer-term fit). 


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